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04.09.2011 в 18:34
Пишет Shinigami Kira:

instrumental fanmix - The Hogwarts' Founders
03.09.2011 в 21:12
Пишет ~Madame~:

instrumental fanmix - The Hogwarts' Founders
это от автора этого фанмикса

всё забывала выложить, не смогла пройти мимо такой ркасоты:heart:

An idea…
planning - brian eno
The idea of a place where every little witch and wizard could learn and live in peace, far of the muggle persecution.

Best duellist of the Age
alexander’s theme - vangelis
Godric Gryffindor’s theme: the bravest and most talented duellist of the age, the one who get the idea of this school.

The beginning
no different - alan silvestri
Howthe four greatest witches and wizards meet, built this castle, thedifferent ideas, the houses, the classes and the ambitions they had.

Rowena & Helga
prologue - loreena mckennitt
Two witches. Two women. Two friends.

Welcome to school!
4 little swans - tchaikovsky
Arrival of the very first students between these magical walls.

The dissention
acts of courage - x ray dog
Salazarand his idea of pure blood, against the open mind of the three otherfounders, particularly Godric, which Salazar considered as his bestfriend.

Salazar leaves
days - abel korzeniowski
Unable to be agree, he leaves and builds a secret a chamber under the school.

Helena’s theft
the island is awaits you - steve jablonsky
Envious or sad, Helena robs the diadem of her mother and runs away with the jewellery, leaving her mother in the sadness.

opus 36 - dustin o’halloran
Helgaand Godric try to comfort Rowena. A Slytherin’s student in love withHelena decides to search for her and bring her back to Hogwarts.

The dreadful letter
gravel road - newton howard
Helena was murdered by the Slytherin’s student, who killed himself after. Rowena can’t handle it.

Slowly fading
a song for jesse - nick cave and warren ellis
Rowena is slowly dying, heartbroken. Godric is desperate and Helga is too tired to help them both.

Let Sleeping Dragons Lie
harry potter and the deathly hallows’ - main theme

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